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ALFAcoins Website Guide

ALFAcoins is a multi-functional electronic payment system with multi-cryptocurrency online wallet support. Let’s begin accepting cryptocurrencies without complications with ALFAcoins!

Supported cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin

  • Litecoin

  • Ethereum

  • Bitcoin Cash

  • Dash

  • XRP

  • Tether ERC-20

  • USD Coin

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Cosmos

  • Polkadot

  • Stellar

  • Dogecoin

Before start, please read the terms of use carefully and accept them.
To get access to merchant functions and using the ALFAcoins cryptocurrency wallet login into your account or register a new one.


The header contains links to:

Website Guide

1. Wallet

  • Your personal multi-cryptocurrency online wallet.

Here you may find the ALFAcoins wallet description and advantages of using it.

2. Payments

  • Accepting Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency payments on your website

Here you may find the ALFAcoins merchant solutions and description of merchant features.

3. Request a demo

  • Contact us.

Start a dialogue with our manager or contact us through the contact form for sales inquiries or partnerships.

4. Developers page

  • Developer tools and payment integration options.

Here you may choose your integration option: API & IPNs, Payment Button, Shopping Cart Plugins.

5. Account

  • If you are not authorized in, by clicking this button you can:

- Register a new account
- Log in to existing account

  • If you are authorized, you will go to the Dashboard page

Dashboard page functionality

ALFAcoins Website Guide

In the left block you can see:

1. Accounts
Here you can view and manage all your available accounts.

2. Deposit
Here you can request a payment or deposit funds into your accounts.

3. Send
Here you can send your cryptocurrency to anyone.

4. History
Here you can get a detailed report about all operations on all your accounts.

5. Donations
Here you can start acceptin cryptocurrency donations on your website, blog, youtube channel, discord or anywhere else.

6. Settings
Here you can find and change your account settings.

7. Merchant
Here you can start accepting Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency payments on your website.

On the right part of the page, you can find displayed all of your accounts, the last transactions, and the price charts block. But let’s explore the left side elements first.

1. Accounts

Your existing accounts are displayed here.
You can create two additional accounts for each supported currency:

ALFAcoins Website Guide

  • Current - an account for quick transactions

  • Safe - an account for long-term storage with additional protection

ALFAcoins Website Guide

After you’ve added the additional account, it will be looking like this:

ALFAcoins Website Guide

You can do the next actions with your account:

  1. Add a new address for your wallet:
    * You can create up to 5 additional addresses for one account.

  2. ALFAcoins Website Guide

  3. Scan the QR-code of your wallet address:


    ALFAcoins Website Guide

  5. Copy your wallet address

  6. Edit your additional account (Safe or Current) label (a) or label of additional account address (b):

  7. ALFAcoins Website Guide

  8. To filter accounts by cryptocurrency choose the desired currency:

  9. ALFAcoins Website Guide

  10. Search accounts by label or address:

  11. ALFAcoins Website Guide

    2. Deposit

    You can deposit or create a payment request on this page.

    To deposit:

    1. Choose one of your accounts

    2. Choose the address

    3. Send payment to copied address or use the QR-code

    To create the payment request:

    1. Click the payment request tab

    2. Enter the requested amount in cryptocurrency

    3. Choose the cryptocurrency

    4. Choose the account for receiving the funds

    5. Choose the address

    6. Enter a recipient’s email

    7. Enter an optional message to your recipient

    8. Click the "Request" button to send it

    3. Send Page

    In this section you can send your cryptocurrency to anyone:

    • Any of your ALFAcoins accounts

    • Other ALFAcoins users 

    • Third-party cryptocurrency users

    ALFAcoins Website Guide

    To send the funds please follow the steps below:

    1. Choose the account you want to send from 

    2. Enter the amount you want to send. The minimum and maximum amounts are displayed under the field

    3. Enter the recipient's email or cryptocurrency address

    4. Write a message to your recipient (optional)

    5. The next block shows the transaction summary:
      - The network fee
      - The ALFAcoins fee
      - ​Total to pay

    6. Click the "Send" button to send the cryptocurrency

    4. History page

    On History page you can:

    ALFAcoins Website Guide

    1. Search your transactions

    2. Filter transactions by accounts, operations, statuses

    3. Select the period in which you want to get the report: 1 Day, 1 Month, 1 Week, 1 Year, All the time, or choose the custom period you want

    4. Download the report in PDF or CSV format

    5. In this block you can see:
    - Date of transaction
    - Type of operation
    - Amount of transaction
    - Status of operation

    6. By clicking here you can get a detailed report about every operation on all your accounts for any date.

    ALFAcoins Website Guide

5. Donation page

Here you have the tools to start accepting cryptocurrency donations on your website, blog, stream, youtube channel, discord or anywhere else you want.

ALFAcoins Website Guide

Learn more How to accept cryptocurrency donations in our guide.

6. Settings page

You’ll find your account settings on this page.

Set up your user profile

ALFAcoins Website Guide

  1. You can change your Nickname. This nickname will be shown to other users

  2. You can change your current e-mail

  3. You can change your current password

  4. Select your country

  5. Select your time zone

  6. You can delete your ALFAcoins account

    * All data associated with your ALFAcoins account will be permanently deleted. Please be careful. This action can’t be undone.

Set up your preferences

ALFAcoins Website Guide

1. Choose the base currency in which statistics will be displayed for History and Merchant pages

2. Choose the e-mail notifications you want to receive

Set up your security 

You might want to improve your security settings in this section.

ALFAcoins Website Guide

  1. Here you can enable 2-Step Authentication (and we recommend it). This a reliable protection for your account, because all the transactions related to transferring funds in your accounts will require confirmation via code.
    Learn How to activate 2-step Authentication on ALFAcoins in our guide.

  2. Here you can check all of your web sessions and logout all other sessions.

Set up Merchant notifications

If you use ALFAcoins as Merchant you may choose the invoice and payout e-mail notifications that want to receive.
If you use ALFAcoins for personal use you may leave them blank.

ALFAcoins Website Guide15

7. Merchant Section

Merchant transactions

You’ll find the detailed report for all your merchant transactions on this page. Here you can see the similar data to p. 4.5, 4.6

ALFAcoins Website Guide15

Merchant Auto-Withdrawal

You can configure automatic cryptocurrency withdrawal to external or your own wallet on this page.
To set auto-withdrawal, choose the cryptocurrency and click the “Set” button.

ALFAcoins Website Guide15

Set your auto withdrawal on the next page:

  1. The cryptocurrency you’ve chosen for auto withdrawal is shown here

  2. Enter the External wallet you want to set up the auto withdrawal

  3. Withdraw the full available amount on the account or enter the custom amount for withdrawal 

  4. Choose the time you want to start to withdraw:       
    - Start it by now       
    - Schedule the date and time

  5. Choose how often you want to receive the funds: one time only, daily, monthly, quarterly or annual

  6. Enter the security code of 2 FA if enable

  7. Click the “Save” button

ALFAcoins website guide

Merchant Integration

Integrate cryptocurrency payments on your website via API, Payment Button, or CMS Plugins. Manage and configure here your APIs and Payment Buttons.

1. Use the API section when you own a shop with a large number of goods.

With an API you can create and manage invoices, issue refunds, retrieve real-time rates information, and much more.

Learn How to start accepting cryptocurrency payments with ALFAcoins API in our guide.

ALFAcoins Website Guide

2. Choose the “Button” option when you need to accept donations or you own a shop with a small number of goods. For each selling item, you’ll need to create and configure a new button.

​* If you have a large quantity of selling goods, you should use our API.

Learn How to start accepting cryptocurrency payments with ALFAcoins Button in our guide.

ALFAcoins Website Guide


The footer contains links to:

ALFAcoins Website Guide

1. Services
Here you’ll find the next sections:

  • Wallet - your personal multi-cryptocurrency online wallet

  • Payments - tools to start accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments on your website

  • Currency сonverter- convert cryptocurrency to USD, EUR, or any other fiat currency on this page. Also, you can find the exchange rates for different currencies

  • Price & conditions - transparent fee structure for all our customers

2. Company

3. Help & Support
Here you’ll find the next sections:

4. Legal 

5. Official ALFAcoins Twitter and Facebook accounts

We hope you find our service easy and convenient to use. In case you’ll need further information or have any issues, remember that our support team is always there to help you.

Best wishes, 
ALFAcoins Team.