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How to use your ALFAcoins wallet
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The money transfer occurs instantly. How fast the recipient receives funds depends on the speed of the cryptocurrency network.

You can send funds from your ALFAcoins account in any of the cryptocurrencies supported by ALFAcoins, including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • ​Ethereum
  • ​Bitcoin Cash
  • ​Dash
  • Tether ERC-20
  • XRP
ALFAcoins wallet is your personal multi-cryptocurrency online wallet.

Send direct person-to-person cryptocurrency payments anywhere in the world, exchange cryptocurrency, receive/request payments via e-mail with cryptocurrency, pay invoices with cryptocurrency or store cryptocurrency securely using ALFAcoins wallet!
A fee of 0.99% of the amount to be transferred is assessed. In addition, the fee charged by the network that is used to send the selected cryptocurrency is also assessed.

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