How to activate 2-step Authentication on

1. Sign into your account using your login and password on and click on the Settings option.

2. In Account Settings, check the field “USE 2-step Authentication” and click on Save.

Your account settings

3. Install the Google Authenticator application on your smartphone (Android, iPhone or BlackBerry).

4. Open the Google Authenticator application on your smartphone and add your account using either of the two methods offered by the application:

2 ways to add your ALFAcoins account into Google Authenticator app.

Scan the ALFAcoins Barcode or enter a provided TIME-BASED KEY (TOTP) into the application manually (example: ONPLOQFU46HBFALL). Don't forget to write down and save your 16-digit key.

5. Enter the 6-digit code that appears into the appropriate field on

Submit 6-digit code

Please note, the code is only good for 30 seconds.

6. After the authentication code is accepted and the 2-step Authentication settings open, click on “Ready” in the Google Authenticator application.

2-step authentication settings

7. In the 2-step auth settings on, select where you would like to use 2-step Authentication; and after that, save the changes.

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